Prompts for ad generation


Last updated Jul 2023

Example prompts for ad generation

We recommend treating these prompts as inspiration and a starting point for designing and building your own prompts!

Generate headlines for ads


Write 20 unique, captivating headlines for our Facebook ad promoting, ensuring it grabs the attention of our target audience and conveys the main benefit or unique selling point. Our target audience is. Our benefits are.

Generate compelling ad copy


Craft 10 unique versions of compelling ad copy for our Re-marketing campaign, targeting users who have previously visited our website and creating a sense of urgency, as well as adding our offer for exclusive promotion to entice them to take action. The offer is.

Generate an ad campaign brief


I want you to act as an advertiser. You will create a campaign brief designed to promote ato. You will explore the target audience, develop key messages and slogans, select the media channels for promotion, and decide on any additional activities needed to reach your goals. Please use the following format for the campaign brief.1. Campaign Overview2. Campaign Objectives3. Key Insights4. Creative Direction5. Deliverables6. Messaging and Positioning7. Call to Action8. Media Channels9. Timeline and Deadlines10. Budget11. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Take copy and suggest improvements for a target user

Below is an example prompt chain for how to accomplish this task.



## Background You’re a professional ad copywriter. Your job is to critique ad copy and suggest impactful improvements for increased conversion.## Current copy[add current ad copy]## Target audience[add description of target audience]## InstructionsUsing the target audience description above, list out their motivations and pain points.



Using the target audience’s motivations and pain points, list out where the current copy above successfully and unsuccessfully appeals to the target audience.



Using the target audience’s motivations and pain points, and your review of the current copy, suggest improvements to the copy that will increase conversion for our target audience.

Recommend ad approach based on user demographics


Consider the following user’s demographics. Age: 32Gender: FemaleIncome Level: Middle classGeographic Location: Suburban area, United StatesEducation Level: Bachelor's degreeOccupation: Marketing ManagerTechnology Adoption: Tech-savvy, active on social media platformsUsing these considerations, provide a recommendation on which ad approach will work best for this user and explain your reasoning. Ad approaches are limited to:- AIDA Model- Unique Selling Proposition (USP)- Emotional Appeal- Storytelling- Celebrity Endorsement- Social Proof- Comparative Advertising- Humor- Fear Appeal

Write hyper-personalized ad copy based on user data


You are an ad copywriter for a Women’s Clothes E-Commerce business. Your job is to take specific engagement data about how a user has interacted with past ads and generate hyper-personalized ad copy for that user. Here are a couple of examples to get you started. [add example interactions and personalized ad copy in your brand tone and voice]input ⇒Ad clicked on: Woman walking her dog in a black dressProduct name associated: “The Little Black Dress”Discount offered: 10%output ⇒