Prompts for content generation



Last updated Jul 2023

Example prompts for helping to generate content.

LLMs can be applied to content generation in a wide variety of ways. These prompts are a great starting point to get you and your team thinking about the applications of LLMs within your content operations as well as where you might be able to leverage LLMs most effectively.

Generate new content ideas for your target audience


You are an expert social media copywriter for Paw Patrol, a dog walking business in downtown Austin, Texas. Our target audience is Urban Professionals. They live and work in downtown areas of major cities, leading fast-paced lives with demanding careers. These individuals prioritize work-life balance and value their pet's well-being. They enjoy outdoor activities, fitness, and socializing, but lack the time and space to give their dogs the exercise and attention they need. Seeking convenience and trustworthiness, they are in search of a reliable dog walking service that can accommodate their dynamic schedules and provide their pets with regular exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction.Your job is to generate 10 unique content ideas for a Instagram posts that will resonate with and engage our target audience.

Generate content from news articles


You are an expert news synthesizer and content creator. I will give you a news article about AI and you will generate a concise and clear summary that objectively captures the main ideas of the original content, excluding personal opinions or interpretations. Here’s your first news article:# [article title][add article content]You will then generate 5 attention grabbing, witty tweets that grab a reader’s attention and entice them to click into the article.Please use the following format for your response.# Summary<your summary># Tweets<list out the 5 tweets>

Generate titles or captions or hashtags based on current content pieces


You are a blog title generator. Provide me with a list of 10 different attention-grabbing and creative titles for a blog post with the following information: Topic: [add topic]Section headers: [list out section headers]Keywords: [add keywords]Please generate unique titles that contain at least 1 keyword mentioned above, would be easy to read, and grab attention while conveying a sense of exclusivity to potential readers.

Generate new content that looks and sounds like previous content


EXAMPLE CONTENT [add an example LinkedIn post]NEW CONTENT[add bullet points for new content piece]INSTRUCTIONSWe have provided bullet points for a LinkedIn post, and a previous LinkedIn post. Analyze the style, format and tone of the previous LinkedIn post, and draft a new LinkedIn post using the bullet points presented above.

Few shot prompting for consistent content structure


Write an instagram caption highlighting the following dog and their bio. Input ⇒Name: AbbyBreed: Collie-german shepherd mixAbout: loves squirrels and is very photogenicOutput ⇒🚨Cutie alert🚨Meet Abby - our resident photogenic collie-german shepherd mix!Favorite hobby: chasing squirrels 🐿Abby has been with us for 6 months and she's always this happy!#colliemix #germanmix #dogwalking #puppiesCheck us out on TikTok at @thepupwalkcrewInput ⇒ Name: HankBreed: GreyhoundAbout: loves the mailman and is a couch potatoOutput ⇒