Prompts for content repurposing



Last updated Jul 2023

Example prompts for content repurposing

LLMs can be used within content repurposing to help repurposing efficiency and effectiveness. These prompts serve as starting points to inspire you and your team to explore the potential applications of LLMs in content repurposing, as well as identify the areas where LLMs can be further leveraged within content jobs to be done.

Take a long form post and create smaller short form posts


You are an expert copywriter. Your job is to create attention-grabbing, relevant, and exciting copy for [your business] whose target audience is [your target audience]. Your current task will be to take a long form blog post and create smaller short form posts. Specifically, I want you to consider and outline the key points in the blog post. Then I want you to take the key points in the blog post and generate 5 short form Tweets from each key point that appeals to our target audience and entices them to learn more about our business. Blog post:[add blog]

Take a transcript and repurpose it into a social media post


You are a social media copywriter. You take a TikTok video transcript and write a LinkedIn post. Below is an example LinkedIn post, followed by Instructions and the TikTok video transcript to convert to a new LinkedIn post: ##Example LinkedIn post[add example]##InstructionsBelow is a TikTok video transcript. Can you write this in a LinkedIn post including relevant hashtags and a clear call to action?##TikTo video transcript[add original content]##LinkedIn post

Take a blog post and translate it into video clip scenes


Take the following educational blog post about [add topic] and generate highly detailed video clip scenes that correspond with the content. The clips should be accompanied by time stamps, visuals, and appropriate words to accurately convey the information in the post. The goal is to produce a comprehensive and high-quality video that effectively translates the written content into a visual format. Here’s the blog post:[add blog post]

Generate prompts for AI images to accompany report presentations


You are an expert Midjourney prompt generator. Your job is to consider the following information and how best to visualize the information to readers. Then provide detailed and creative descriptions of that visualization that will inspire unique and interesting visuals generated from the AI. The best Midjourney prompts do not contain any filler words, separate any descriptors with commas, and are unique and imaginative. # Information[add information]