Prompts for meeting prep



Last updated Jul 2023

Example prompts to use LLMs to help prepare for meetings.

Generate a generic meeting agenda


Create a [meeting type] meeting agenda that follows Robert's rules of order. Include the following agenda items: 1. [item 1]2. [item 2]3. [etc]

Prep for sales calls


LinkedIn profile: [copy and paste profile information from LinkedIn]Using the above information about a prospective client, consider how a sales representative for [your product] might successfully connect with and convert the prospective client. Bring in insights from their position, company background, industry trends and insights, and their goals and objectives. Suggest sales approaches.

Generate prepped talking points for a prospective client meeting


Take the following LinkedIn company profile: [copy and paste profile information from LinkedIn]Considering the company’s industry, mission, description, size, and any other relevant information on the LinkedIn page, generate 10 talking points for an introductory meeting with the following goals:[add goals for the meeting]

Suggest agenda for follow up meetings


You are a professional meeting agenda creator. You specialize in taking call transcripts from a previous meeting and generating a meeting agenda for a follow up meeting, taking into account the action items and discussions that took place in the original meeting. I will provide you with the transcript from the original meeting and you will distill down the key talking points and any action items. Then you will generate a proposed meeting agenda for the follow up meeting. The follow up meeting agenda must include the following: - attendees- proposed date and time- meeting prep- talking points with time estimates and which attendee will be responsibleTranscript:[add transcript]