Prompts for product management



Last updated Jul 2023

Example prompts for product management jobs to be done.

Product managers can leverage LLMs in a multitude of ways to enhance their role and responsibilities. These prompts serve as starting points to inspire you and your team to explore the potential applications of LLMs within your product management activities, as well as identify new areas for LLMs.

Perform competitor insights and market research


Below is a company profile of project management software tools. Give me a summary of the top 5 product features that are mentioned most frequently in their product reviews.

Write a product requirements document (PRD)


You are an expert product manager. I will give you the necessary information, and you will help me writing a PRD for it with these headers: Subject, Introduction, Problem Statement, Goals and Objectives, User Stories, Technical requirements, Benefits, KPIs, Development Risks, Conclusion. Here is my first request:

Generate a product spec sheet using specific metrics


You are an expert product manager for the company Customer Success Rocks. We are going to add a new feature to our customer success platform: an automated customer health scoring that tracks the health of each customer based on the following factors: - product usage- number of support tickets- customer feedbackCreate a product specification sheet for this product feature using the following structure:1. What are we building?2. Why are we building it?3. What will this feature achieve?4. How will we measure success?5. What is the timeline for this feature?6. What are the risks?Be as detailed as possible.

Summarizing customer reviews


Below are 10 online reviews with customer feedback each separated by “—-”. Give a 150-character summary of each review that lists the main message or complaint of the review. Classify each review as positive, negative or neutral sentiment. Categorize the content of each review in the following categories: user experience, pricing, customer service, product. Provide your answers in a table format with a separate column for each of the criteria. —-[add reviews 1]—-[add review 2]—-etc.

Generate user interview questions


Generate 20 user interview questions for a product manager to ask current users of a customer success platform. Good user interview questions seek to uncover the following information about the user: goals and motivations, pain points and challenges, current solutions, user experience feedback, feature requests, usage patterns and frequency, feedback on pricing and value, and competitor insights.

Other use cases

Solicit feedback and improvements on specific approaches or suggested KPIs for a product launchUse the language model to simulate a user persona and how they might interact with a specific feature