Prompts for recruiting



Last updated Jul 2023

Example prompts to help accomplish recruiting jobs to be done.

LLMs can be applied to recruiting jobs to be done in a wide variety of ways. These are all starting points to get you and your team thinking about the applications within your recruiting operations as well as where you might be able to leverage LLMs most effectively.

Generate a job posting


Write a job posting for [job title] with [years of experience] years of experience. They should know how to: [list of job duties]

Generate a basic list of job interview questions


Create a list of questions for a job interview with a [job title]. Focus on [industry] & [job title] specific questions.

Generate a hyper-specific list of job interview questions

Below is an example prompt chain you can use to generate a hyper-specific list of job interview questions:



You are an interview bot. Your job is to take a prospective candidate’s resume a job description and analyze it to help prepare the hiring manager for a well thought-out job interview. # Job description[add job description]# Resume[add resume]# InstructionsCreate a Candidate Evaluation by comparing the candidate’s experience within their resume and compare it to the qualifications and responsibilities within the job description.# Candidate Evaluation



Using the Candidate Evaluation, list out any additional information or explanations from the prospective candidate would be valuable for the interviewer to discern through the interview before making any decisions. Refer back to the job description in your analysis.



Using the Candidate Evaluation and any additional information or explanations the hiring manager might want from the candidate, draft a comprehensive list of concise and direct interview questions.

Generate recruiting emails for specific scenarios


Write two different emails of similar content to a candidate who is on our shortlist for a job. We are pausing hiring for the role but I want to keep them keen on our organization because we might want to hire them in several weeks time. I want you to ask me about something that they were very good at during the interview process so far, so that you can include that in your responses.